Only for Defence

            The Karate Organization is a non-political organization, headquartered in Mumbai, INDIA. was founded in 1999 with our karate team,

 The Karate Organization  is an active in National & International to  promote karate in our societies to train karate as a sports & self defence for to encourage the growth and development of karate established by Kyoshi Syed Abusad 7th Dan ( KAI ) the founder & chief Instructor of KOI. Kyoshi Abusad leads an extremely talented group of instructors and black belts to bring you the pinnacle of modern Karate and training.

          Increased of crime in india against women`s cases of gender violence are increases so he Gives training of Ancient Women`s Self Defence Training in School, Colleges, Corporate Government & Non-Government Organization. 

            Kyoshi Syed Abusad started training Martial Arts from childhood as a hobby, later in school period he joined DOJO to learn karate, To learn Martial Arts he traveled to many different countries as a students , In his Martial Arts carrier he got training in KARATE, JUDO, JU-JITSU, TAEKWONDO, BOXING, ANCIENT WEAPONS, KUNGFU, KICKBOXING,  under renowned Martial Arts Teachers- ( Sensei Gurung Bal Bahadur (Nepal), Sensei Shanta Thokar (Nepal), Soke Gerardo Cantore (Argentina), Shihan Tadashi Ishikawa (Japan), Shihan Kenneth Funakoshi (USA), Sensei Sher Wa Kwan (Hongkong), Sensei Padma Sadanand (India), Sensei Abu Ali (India), Master Kilan Kapitan (India), Master Khalid Khan (India), Shifu Yi Ya Lin (China), Shihan Harold Patient (Mauritius).)

He had also participated tournaments ,  attented Seminars in several countries since 2000, He gives training to Juniors and Seniors Karateka with Ancient Weapons. with a multi types of Martial Arts.